Because of the global economy, many goods including who, we use ds daily basics produced by other countries Writing task 2.

Because of the global economy, many goods including who, we use ds daily basics produced by other countries hove to be transported for o long distance. To what extent do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Model Answer 1:-

Globalization has revolutionized our world in many aspects. Now, we don’t belong to a big planet Earth. We belong to a small global village. Everything is available everywhere. There are many advantages and disadvantages of transporting goods over a long distance. ln my opinion, the pros outweigh the cons.

On the positive side, transporting goods over a long distance gives us a lot of choices. We can taste a variety of fruits and vegetables from all parts of the world. For example, about ten years ago, we hardly saw kiwi fruit, which is from New Zealand. But, now it has a place on every fruit stand. Earlier, we had very few shoe brands like Bata and Carona, but now the market is flooded with Reeboks, Nike, Adidas, and other foreign brands.

Secondly, many people get employment in this field. Small businesses have a chance to expand globally and it increases the overall economy of the country. Finally, it helps in developing good relations between countries, which helps in international co-operation and peace. iF countries are dependent upon one another’s economic success, then the armed conflict would be less likely.

On the downside. importing goods can hurt local culture. This can be seen in countries such as Japan where imported food has become more popular than traditional, local produce, eroding people’s understanding of their food traditions. A second major disadvantage is pollution. When goods are transported thousands of miles by road, sea, and air, it increases pollution from exhaust fumes.

To conclude, importing goods has both merits and demerits but the pros outweigh the cons.

Model Answer 2:-

In this contemporary era, the world is changing by leaps and bounds. It is undeniable fact that many things that people use in their daily lives are produced by other countries and transported for a long distance. So, some people believe that there are many disadvantages of this
transportation, whereas the others argue that it has many advantages which are necessary for the development of any country. I agree with the latter view, there are more pros outweigh cons.

First and foremost, because of globalization, the world become a global village. So, everything is available at every book and corner around the world. Due to this, more choices are available for laymen and they can experience diversity in any field such as foods, clothes, entertainment, and so on. For example, in my country India, many years ago, there were only a few companies that produce TVs and owing to this, customers have lack of choices so, they forced to buy only those TVs whether the quality of TVs good or bad, but nowadays markets are flooded with foreign companies which provide best qualities of TVs, so customers can buy any TV what they like.
In addition to the above, many people get employment in this
sector because of this, they can earn their livelihood from this. Also, micro-businesses have a chance to expand their businesses globally. Owing to this, they not only develop good relations with host nations, but also
they increase the economy of own nation too, and because of co-operation, the situation of armed conflicts is less likely. On the other hand, the major disadvantage of this transportation is pollution because these goods travel over a long distance and due to this, the exhaust fumes produced by the vehicles can damage the environment more. It’s also responsible for gigantic problems like global warming and polar ice melting. Moreover, people preferred more imported products so, the local businesses are suffering more. If people cannot buy local products, then
local businesses would be closed because of this, the cultural traditions and economy of any nation should be suffered more. To conclude, the government ought to enact some laws for transportation and imported goods, this situation could be mitigated effectively.

Model Answer 3:-

This is the era of globalization and world trade and business. This has enabled us to keep better diplomatic and business relationships with many other countries and products produced in a country could easily be found in another country. However, this requires the products and foods to be traveled to a long distance before reaching the consumers of other countries and this has both negative and positive consequences. In my opinion, this has far more advantages than drawbacks.
On one hand, a country should first try to be self-sufficient rather than relying heavily on imported goods. Foods, Vegetables, and fruits should not be imported from other countries since the long-distance travel of such commodities degraded their food values. Moreover, importing from other countries is quite costly. Finally, a country should try to produce daily necessities by themselves as it would eradicate poverty, unemployment and would also make sure the better economic progress of a country.

On the contrary, the advantages of the global economy and trade are highlighted often, and being self-sufficient for all countries is indeed quite impossible. Some countries are better for agriculture, some for industrial productions, some for food processing, and some others for technologies and thus each nation has its unique ability to do well in some specific sectors. Thus no country can locally produce everything their people need. The first and foremost advantage of importing products from other countries is that a country can enjoy those short of goods without even producing them. For instance, many countries enjoy tea and coffee even though they do not locally produce them. Second, sometimes importing is less expensive than producing something, and not every country has the environment and manpower to do so. Third, the transportation system nowadays is becoming more efficient and shortly, it will take less time to supply goods from another country to another. The global economy enables a country to export products to other nations rather than wasting them and this has proven to be a strong revenue-earning area for many countries. People nowadays have more choices of their products and the global economy hit the monopoly so hard that people can enjoy globally branded products at a competitive price.

In summary, more time to transport daily commodities from one country to other has some demerits. However, the endless advantages they bring are quite overwhelming.

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