Children are facing more pressures nowadays from academic, social, and commercial, perspectives. What are the causes of these pressures and which measures should be taken to reduce these pressures?

Model Answer 1-

It is commonly believed that children nowadays are facing more pressure from schools in their academic studies, social as well as from commercial perspectives. This essay intends to discuss the reasons by which such pressures are generated and will suggest the measures that should be taken to avoid such pressure. I personally believe that students should not be exposed to much higher degrees of pressure, this is not suitable for health and some other perspectives.

The world is a global village, today’s children’s are not only competing with their class mates or schoolmates or the children’s next, town or country. They are competing globally; today’s earth is so small that an Americans child does have competition with Indian peer and these two even have to compete in jobs. Parents want their children’s to best so they try to put them in best schools, and the teachers are bound to put pressure on children’s to achieve more scores, in such situations the school bag weight is even more than the child himself. Even after the school hours the children’s have give more and more time for private tuitions. So, the critical thinking of children’s does not show up.

There are many social and commercial pressure on children’s too, socially and commercially the children are in a huge dilemma, in year 2021 many children’s are inspired by global fashion, culture and music and many children’s want to adopt global culture whereas the parents want their children’s to stick their own traditions. Such strong restrictions sometimes lead student’s rebellious nature of the students. In this consumeristic society children’s are possessed with gadgets such as mobile phones and other types of gadgets, most children’s get stubborn to get these gadgets, if the children’s do not get gadgets which they desire may have bad phycological impact on mental health of children.

The solution of such complicate problems is not that simple yet possible. Children’s must be handled with great care. Parents should have realistic expectations from their children’s, they should be given substantial amount of time. The biggest responsibility lies on the shoulders of parents and teachers, they should strive to bring out the best in every child and competition and co-operation should both be taught simultaneously.

To conclude, there is no doubt that today’s children’s are facing more and more pressure from not only schools but from their parents as well, so steps should be taken to instantly so that their innocent childhood can be saved from this warlike competition in this global village, and every child should be given a free hand to prove worthiness. 

Writer – Jai Singh

Model Answer 2

It is commonly said that today’s children are pressurized and are facing harder and harder academic, social, and commercial challenges. This essay intends to discuss the causes of these pressures and suggests some measures to alleviate the problem. I believe that children must be shielded from such mounting pressures.

There are many academic pressures on children. Today’s child is not competing with the child next door, or even of one’s town or country. He is competing with the child of the global village. The big planet Earth of yesteryears is a small well-linked global village of today. Parents want their children to excel in every field.
They send their children to the best schools, where the school bag is often heavier than the child himself.
Even after school hours, there are private tuitions. Children don’t have time to bloom and bring out their hidden talents.

There are also many social and commercial pressures. Socially, the children of today are in a huge dilemma’ They want to adopt the global culture, whereas their parents force them to confine themselves to the traditions. This sometimes makes them rebel against the rules laid by their elders. Then, they also face peer
pressure, which can be good if their peers are good, and bad if their peers are not disciplined. This peer pressure coupled with the consumerist society of today can lead to a lot of stress and strain on children. They see the latest models of cell phones and other items with their peers and want to buy them. When they are unable to do so, they get stressed.

The solutions are not simple. Children have to be handled with great care. Parents should have realistic
expectations from their children. They should have a proactive approach and give time to their children.
The biggest onus is on the schools and teachers. They should strive to bring out the best in every child and
competition and co-operation should both be taught simultaneously. The aim of competition should not be
to win at all costs. Children have to be taught to win with modesty and lose with arace.

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