Describe an article on health that you read from a magazine IELTS CUE CARD


Describe an article on health that you read from a magazine or online

  • What the article was
    • When and where you read it
    • What you learned from the article
    • Explain why you think it is a good or bad article


  • I have read many articles in my life.
  • Today I will talk about an article about healthy lifestyle that I read last year.
  • I read this article from the website fitness.com.
  • I was browsing through a website, when I saw the link to this article.
  • The name of the article was very eye-catching.
  • It was “Look Younger, Live Longer”.
  • I clicked on the link and it opened this article.
  • Nowadays, we all are living a sedentary lifestyle and facing many health related problems.
  • This article opened my eyes that to become healthier, it was all about making small lifestyle changes.
  • I came to know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
  • We should have a healthy and wholesome breakfast and never skip it.
  • This helps boost our immunity and also helps us go through the day with full energy.
  • I have never skipped breakfast since I’ve read this article and I can concentrate on my work and studies better.
  • I also read that we should have at least one seasonal fruit everyday.
  • It also said that walking for an hour a day is as good as one hour of gym.
  • Since then, morning walk has become a part of my routine.
  • I used to dislike broccoli before I read this article.
  • However, after reading that Broccoli is a very good source of proteins and is full of nutrients, I started having it regularly.
  • I feel very fit and healthy and have rarely fallen sick since I made these small changes.
  • I have bookmarked this article and read it often.

I have also shared it with many of my friends and relatives.

Part 3 – Follow up Questions IELTS CUE CARD.

  1. Why do different people like to read different magazine?

Different people like to read different magazines because their interests are different. Magazines cater to specific fields. Those who love sports read sports magazines, such as Sports Today; those who like fashion, read fashion magazines, such as Vogue; those interested in film celebrities, read magazines like Stardust and Film Fare.

  • What kind of magazines do teenagers like to read? Teenagers like to read sports and fashion magazines.
  • What’s the difference between news on TV and news in magazines?

The major difference is that news in magazines is the detailed news of the past week or the past fortnight or the past month depending on whether the magazine is weekly or fortnightly or monthly.

  • Do people like to read news from the Internet?

Young people like to read news from the Internet. They are tech savvy. They can read any newspaper from any corner of the world. E-paper is also environmentally friendly.

  • Do people still buy magazines in your country?

Yes, they do. Magazines cater to special fields. Those interested in sports buy sports magazines, those interested in home-making buy magazines like Women’s Era and Sarita.

  • Do you think the people today are healthier than those in the past?

Yes I do think people today are healthier than in the past. It is obvious from the increase in life expectancy. People are living much longer than in the past. Moreover, people have become more conscious about their health.

  • Why do magazines have health related articles?

Magazines mostly contain information about topics related to our lifestyle and health is one of them. Nowadays people are conscious about their health, so they like to read such articles, which in turn increases the sales of the magazines.

  • How do people keep a healthy diet?

People, nowadays are eating home cooked food in order to keep a healthy diet. Food cooked at home is more hygeniec and nutritious. Also, people are using technology like specific mobile apps to track their diet plans

  • What kinds of foods are considered as unhealthy?

Fast food is considered as unhealthy because it contains lot of fat and is mostly deep fried.

  1. Do people in India usually exercise?

Generally speaking, it depends on an individual but nowadays staying fit and healthy has become a trend. So, people like going to the gyms or yoga centers near their homes



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