Describe an energetic person that you know IELTS cue Cards.

You should say

  • Who this person is
  • How you know this person
  • Why you think this person is energetic
  • And explain how you feel about this person
  1. When I started thinking about an energetic person, one person came to mind especially.
  2. His name is Mr. Vikas Chaudhary and he works as a personal fitness trainer at a gym in my hometown.
  3. I came to know him, when I joined the gym last year.
  4. When I joined, I was very clueless about which machines to use, how much weights to use and what exercises to do as a beginner.
  5. Mr. Vikas was the one who guided me even though I hadn’t paid for personal training services.
  6. He took special notice that I was a beginner and whenever I did any exercise, he told me about the correct posture and corrected me if I was wrong.
  7. A few weeks later, I sent him a friend request on Facebook.
  8. That’s how I came to know that he is a very active and energetic person.
  9. Firstly, he works a personal trainer 6 days from 8 AM to 8 PM, which involves a lot of physical activity.
  10. Before that, he goes for 1-hour jogging session daily.
  11. Every Sunday, he plays football for two three hours with his friends.
  12. So, he does some form of physical activity every day of the week besides his job, which is also physical.
  13. Because of all this, he has a very impressive, lean and muscular physique.
  14. Another thing I like about him is that he doesn’t take any supplements and he doesn’t encourage others to take supplements either.
  15. He believes in protein-rich diet but without any supplements.
  16. Recently, there was a fitness competition in Phagwara, and he got second prize in the competition.
  17. He is a big motivation for me.
  18. I want to have an active lifestyle and have a physique like him.
  19. I feel it takes a lot of effort to maintain a physique like him and it shows the hard work that he puts into his body.
Part 3 – Follow up Questions
  1. What kind of jobs need a lot of physical activity?

I think with the coming of computers and technology, a lot of jobs don’t require as much physical activity as in the past. Still, there are a few jobs which involve manual labour like masonry, plumbing, painting etc. which involve a lot of physical activity.

  • What’s the difference between payment for physical work and payment for mental work? It’s a fact that today as a society we give more importance to mental work as compared to physical work. So, jobs which require mental work entail a much higher salary than jobs with physical work. In India especially, jobs with physical work like farming, plumbing, painting, working in factories are some of the least paid jobs.
  • Can physical workers have higher salaries in the future?

On the contrary, I think physical workers would have even lower salaries in the future relatively. This is because machines are gradually replacing manual work and I think the need for manual labour is coming down tremendously.

  • Do you think machines could replace manual labor in the future?

I don’t think machines will replace manual labor completely but there would definitely be an impact. I think with a coming of new technologies, new types of jobs will be created, which will require different skill sets. This in fact is already visible for example with the coming of driverless cars – there has been a fall in the jobs for drivers.

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