Environmental problems are too big for individual countries and individual persons to address.

Environmental problems are too big for individual countries and individual persons to address. ln other words, we have reached the stage where the only way to protect the environment is on an international level. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Model Anwer 1:-

Climate change is a phenomenon affecting all people in all walks of life, from individual citizens to whole countries and huge multinational companies. Therefore, disagree with the notion that the only way to address the environmental problems is at the international level. firmly believe that this colossal problem can only be handled if all individuals contribute; all governments take steps at a national level and also join hands at an international level.

Undoubtedly, gigantic steps need to be taken and are being taken at the international level. The ‘COP2f in Paris in November 2015 is a step in this direction. The aim of ‘COP2f is well known: to reach a universal agreement limiting the rise in global average temperature to 2’C above pre-industrial levels. All nations are realizing that climate change is one of the greatest challenges faced by mankind today.

Many steps can be taken at the national level. Governments can be aware people of the benefits of using energy-efficient devices. For instance, this year government of India gave 2 LED bulbs to each government employee at Rs 10/- each under the “Prakash Path” scheme. The cost of each bulb is Rs 400/-. The cost will be recovered by adding a very small amount to each month’s electricity bill for about a year. ln about 100 cities, the streetlights have been replaced with LED bulbs, which is a saving of a huge amount per day. LED bulbs use a tenth of electricity as compared to other bulbs. Once people realize that by using LED bulbs, their electricity bills will reduce, they will be prepared to make the initial heavy investment also.

Although the international and national level steps are imperative, it is also a fact that individual action combined with governmental action can do a lot more to prevent climate change than if individual citizens were not involved. ln a world of six billion people, if everyone stopped wasting water, disposed of their rubbish properly, started accepting recycled material, and stopped succumbing to consumerism, then it would go a long way in solving the problem of the environment.

Summing up, individual citizens cannot sit back and say it is someone else’s responsibility to protect the environment; we must all play our part – individual citizens and governments at the national and international level.

Model answer 2:-

It is argued that environmental problems are massive and laborious for countries and people to handle individually and require collective global intervention to tackle them. This essay disagrees with the argument completely as environmental problems can be approached from the grassroots. The essay will first look at how public awareness of environmental protection and intentional government intervention through environmental laws, sanctions, and penalties can reduce degradation in the ecosystem.

Firstly, public awareness of environmental protection
through media campaigns and inclusion in the school curriculum can educate the populace about the dangers of polluting the environment. Many citizens are not aware of the impact of their actions on the environment. For instance, the recent social media wave on global warming in America and most of Europe has had a behavioral impact on many people and has changed the way a lot of them go about their daily activities, putting environmental protection at the forefront.

Additionally, the government in each country can be more intentional about preserving the environment by creating localized environmental laws. These laws should include sanctions and penalties for erring individuals, thereby discouraging hostile behaviors. For example, the environmental law that banned gas flaring in Nigeria has resulted in gas companies’ multi-million dollar investment in gas processing thereby reducing gas pollution.

In conclusion, the dissemination of important information about environmental protection to the public and the conscious effort of government agencies to establish functional laws will go a long way in solving many environmental issues we have today. As the popular saying charity begins at home. Similarly, If each country tackles this issue locally, the aggregated result will be unprecedented.

Model answer 3:-

Over the past ten years, environmental disruption become more and more serious, such as air pollution, increasing rubbish, greenhouse effect, energy shortage, etc. It has been argued whether the only way to tackle environmental problems is to address them at an international level. In my view, I think individual people and courtiers also are important factors which can settle the environmental issues, not only rely on international cooperation.

To begin with, individual people have positive impacts on environmental protection. This is because there are many ways to preserve our environment in daily life. For example, if citizens tend to use cars less frequently, and enjoy the low carbon lifestyle by using the bicycle more often, it going to reduce air pollution significantly. What’s more, if people pay attention to power and water-saving, and use reuse bags instead of plastic bags, all of which are contribute to our environment. Therefore, it is meaningful to resolve environmental problems at an individual level.
In addition, individual countries play a critical role in environmental protection. Countries can encourage national industries to produce green products and cultivate the public’s awareness of environmental-friendly. Besides that, individual countries also can sustainably design economic development plans.
However, international cooperation also contributes to the environment. There are some certain global environmental problems better to rely on international cooperation, such as sand storm, climate change, and global warming, all of which affect a large number of countries at the same time, so it is good to set international standards of environment protection among different countries.
All in all, a multinational corporation is a smart way to preserve the environment. However, we should not ignore individual countries and people, which also make huge efforts to the environment. By doing so we can ensure our world have a sustainable future.

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