How IELTS writing Band scores are Calculated

IELTS Writing scores? How IELTS writing Band scores are Calculated

IELTS writing Task 1 and Task 2 are marked using four criteria. The examiner will mark you on the scale of 0-9 bands deepening the following criteria.

on this four parameters ,The IELTS writing Band scores are Calculated

  1. Task Achievement
  2. Coherence and cohesion
  3. Lexical Recourses ( or types of vocabulary you use when writing your task.
  4. Grammatical range and Accuracy ( The type of sentences simple sentences , compound sentences and complex sentences you use in your essay)

Task Response (TR)

Answer the question given with relevant ideas and examples. Do not digress. For example, if your essay asks you to write the problems faced by cities because of rapid urbanization, and you write the causes of urbanization, you will be off-track and lose out on task response.

Cohesion and Coherence (CC)

Coherence means that your essay is easy to read and understand which goes with handwriting and language used in the essay.

Cohesion means your essay stays on-topic and does not provide any irrelevant and redundant details.

Cohesive devices or transition signals like ‘however, ‘despite this’ and ‘ln conclusion’ should be used more in academic writing. However, this does not mean that you should try to insert as many of these words in to your writing as possible. This is a common mistake in IELTS writing. Using too many of them, or using them inappropriately, can be detrimental. They are important, but must
only be used at the appropriate time.

Lexical Resource (LR)

This criterion assesses how effectively and accurately you can use your vocabulary to develop your ideas. Big words and phrases might lead to your essay becoming forced and unnatural.

Grammatical Range and Accuracy (GRA)

This means, you can use simple, complex and compound sentences, along with proper punctuation

How are marks Awarded For writing Task 1 And Writing Task 2

IELTS wiring One and IELTS writing Two both tasks are marked individually, and checked separately and total marks awarded are combined and presented on TRF of Student.

How much is IELTS writing Task 1 and 2 worth in Band scores?

As you are aware of the fact that to solve IELTs writing task one you get 20 minutes and for task two you get 40 minutes.

so the total weight of as Task one is 33 %

And IELTS writing Task 2 is reaming 67%

in simple words two pints for task 2 and one point for task 1.

Example : you score in task one is 7 bands

in Task two is 6.5 bands

7+ 6.5+6.5= 20

now : 20/3=6.66 bands which will rounded up tp 7 bands

IELTS writing Band


Task Response Cohesion and Coherence (CC) Lexical Resource (LR) Grammatical Range and Accuracy (GRA)
Band 6Address all parts of
the task although some
parts rnay be more fully
covered than others.
Present a relevant
position although the
conclusions may become
unclear or repetitive
Present relevant main
ideas but some may be
Arrange information
and ideas coherently and
have is a clear overall
Use cohesive devices I
effectively, but cohesion
within and/or between
sentences may be faulty
or mechanical
Use referencing clearly
or appropriately,
although at some places
there may be flaws
Use paragraphing, but
not always logically
Use an adequate range of
vocabulary for the task
Attempt to use less
common vocabulary but with
some inaccuracy
Be able to
communicate, although you
may have some errors in
spelling and/or word
formation (but they should
not impede communication)
Use a mix of simple
and complex sentence
Be able to
although you may
make some errors in
grammar and
punctuation (but they
rarely reduce
Band 7Address all parts of
the task
Present, extend and
support main ideas, but
there may be a tendency
to over generaiize and/or
supporting ideas may
lack focus
Logically organize
information and ideas;
and have a clear
progression throughout
Use a range of
cohesive devices
appropriately a though
there may be some
under use or over use
Present a clear central
topic within each
Use a sufficient range of
vocabulary to allow some
fl exibility and precision
Use less common lexical
items with some awareness
of style and collocation,
although you may produce
occasional errors in word
choice, spelling and/or word
Use a variety of
complex structures
Produce frequent
error-free sentences
Have good control
of grammar and
punctuation but may
make a few errors
Band 8sufficiently Address all the
parts of the task
Present a well developed response to
the question with
relevant, extended and
supported ideas.
Sequence information
and ideas logically
Manage all aspects of
cohesion well
Use paragraphing
sufficiently and
Use a wide range of
vocabulary fluently and
flexibly to convey precise
Skilfully use uncommon
lexical items but there may
be occasional inaccuracy in
word choice and collection,
and you have only rare errors
in spelling and/or word
Use a wide range
of structures
Write a majority of
error-free sentences
Make only very
occasional errors or
Bnad 9Fully address all parts
of the task
Present a welldeveloped response to
the question with
relevant, extended and
supported ideas.
Use cohesion in such a
way that it attracts no
Skilfully manage
Use a wide range of
vocabulary with very natural
and sophisticated control of
lexical features; rare minor
errors occur only as ‘slips
Use a wide range
of structures with full
flexibility and
accuracy, with rare
minor errors occurring
only as’slips’
IELTS writing Band Description

want to know how How IELTS Score is Calculated – How IELTS Score is Calculated.

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