Describe a dinner you really enjoyed IELTS CUE CARD.

  • When it was
    • What you ate
    • Who you were with
    • And explain why you enjoyed it
  1. I have had many special dinners in my life, which I enjoyed
  2. Some dinners I enjoyed because of the quality of food, some I enjoyed because of the occasion and some I enjoyed because of the company.
  3. Here I would like to talk about a special dinner on which my friend Rania invited me along with our three other friends, Harjinder, Sonia and Prabhdeep.
  4. Last month it was Rania’s birthday and we all friends asked her for a treat.
  5. She invited us over for dinner at her home.
  6. Honestly speaking I thought that a meal at home was not a great idea of a birthday celebration.
  7. But when I reached her home I realised how wrong I was.
  8. Her mother had decorated the drawing room with balloons and buntings and also prepared a very elaborate dinner for us.
  9. She has excellent culinary skills.
  10. That day she had prepared Chinese dishes because Rania knew we all loved Chinese.
  11. The table was very well laid.
  12. First she served us sweet corn soup.
  13. It was yummy.
  14. Then we had noodles and cheese chilly and Manchurian.
  15. Believe me ma’am/sir that was the most delicious Chinese meal I had ever tasted in my life.
  16. All of us were practically licking our fingers.
  17. For dessert there was a plum cake which was also baked by her mother.
  18. Rania told me that her mother bakes many types of cakes.
  19. I also learnt a few recipes from her.
  20. Rania’s father has a great sense of humour.
  21. We enjoyed his jokes throughout the dinner.
  22. After dinner we played some music and danced and enjoyed a lot.
  23. So this was the dinner I enjoyed the most.

Part 3 – Follow up Questions

  1. Why do people like to have special food on special occasions?

People like to have special food on special occasions to make those occasions memorable and to enjoy with friends and family.

  • What is the difference between eating at home and eating out on special occasions? There’s a lot of difference between eating at home and eating out on special occasions. While eating at home the hosts are busy in the kitchen and serving food but while eating out there is no such pressure on the host and everybody enjoys with each other. However, while eating at home one is sure that the food is fresh and according to taste. Eating at home is also very economical.
  • What national identity can be seen in a nation’s cuisine?

Every country is cuisine reflects its culture and traditions. Sometimes the cuisine is very different in different parts of the same country also. For example, north Indian cuisine is very different from south Indian cuisine. So every nation reflects its identity from its cuisine. For example if we eat pizza and pasta we know it belongs to Italian cuisine. If we eat cheese   chilli and Manchurian, we know we are eating Chinese food.

  • Why do global leaders like to gather around for dinner?

Global leaders like to get together for dinner on so that they can discuss important matters in an informal way. Sometimes such dinners are meant to enable peace talks and reflect harmonious relations between countries.

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