Describe A Person Who You Think is Very Open.

 Describe a person who you think is very open cue card
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3.  Describe a person who you think is very open cue card

You should say

  • Who this person is
  • How you know this person
  • Why do you think this person is very open
  • And explain how you feel about this person

Model Answer1:-Describe A Person Who You Think is Very Open.

Introduction- These days it is hard to communicate socially because most people these days are engaged in their busy lives, I see that people in tier 1 cities do not have even 10 minutes to help people.

Starting with the topic- well I am a very social person and I have many good friends who like to speak up about their lives and are very social, he is my best friend and his name is Inderpreet singh.

Answering the first Question – How you know this person?

well both of us have been schoolmates since class 4th and he was young 3 years I suppose from me in my school, it is very strange that I never noticed him in my schools but, fortunately, one day we both met in Jalandhar in Mota Singh Nagar, he was able to recognize and a new chapter of our friendship began.

Answering the Why do you think this person is very open

Since we started to live together in the same flat we came to know that each of us is very open, he talks about his family, his mother father and all the of the problems that we are going through and also tries to motivate me, in every situation.

Answering and explain how you feel about this person

I feel very optimistic about him, he is a very great human very kind and very straightforward he says whatever is necessary and is right. some times this offends some people and I think you need a lot of courage to speak the truth before people, people now are days very skeptical about what say.

But I think being open is great and even if you hurt someone feeling, even then he is going to know the truth.

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Points for Making an Answer – Model Answer1:-Describe A Person Who You Think is Very Open.

  • I think very few people today are open and frank.
  • I myself am not very open and I don’t find it easy to express my feelings.
  • But I really think that my mother is a very open person.
  • I have experienced her straightforward nature many times.
  • She doesn’t hide her thoughts and feelings. She openly expresses them.
  • For example, I recently made a cake.
  • She found it too sweet and when I asked for her opinion, she clearly said she didn’t like it.
  • And she isn’t like that with us family members only, but others also.
  • She speaks her mind.
  • Sometimes people get offended due to this too.
  • But as people get to know her, they understand that she is just being straight forward and her intention is to help and not to insult.
  • Over the years, I have found that more and more people appreciate her for straightforwardness rather than take offense.
  • Her straightforward and direct nature is also a reason, many of our relatives and neighbours come and share their worries with her.
  • They know she will speak her mind.
  • I think it requires a lot of courage for a person to be open and direct.
  • I care too much about other people’s feelings and as a result sometimes I lie or make promises I can’t keep.
  • My mother never does that, and I think she is really brave deep-down.
  • She is very secure about herself and she is not afraid to show her true self to people.
  • I really wish I could be more open like that.

Part 3 – Follow up QuestionsDescribe a person who you think is very open cue card

  1. Is it difficult for Indian people to express their feelings?

Yes, I think Indian people are very polite and considerate and because of that most people don’t express their feelings easily in public. Also, I think a lot of us care about our image more than our mental peace and so we hide our feelings.

  • Who do you think talk more? Children or grown-ups?

Definitely children, and there are two reasons for it. First, they are curious because of their age and this curiosity only gets satisfied by asking questions. Second, they are not afraid to speak their mind because they don’t care about appearing rude or hurting others by their words. Adults also ignore children’s words because of their age.

  • What do you think is the difference between boys and girls in expressing their feelings?

I think girls are generally more open in expressing their feelings. Boys think they might appear weak, if they show their feelings and as a result, they try to hide them. This carries on to adult life too. That is why I think women complain about their husbands not opening up.

  • Do you think people are more open than in the past?

On the contrary, I think people are less open. I think people today are more worried about their image and thus they try to present themselves as a perfect person. But this in turn means they hide their true feelings. Also, I think people today lay more emphasis on politeness and thus they don’t speak up if they feel something is wrong.

  • Why do you think people are less open? Answered in the last question.


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