Describe a place you visited that has been affected by pollution IELTS CUE CARD

  • Where is it
  • When you visited this place
  • What kind of pollution you saw there
  • And explain how this place was affected
  1. Well ma’am/sir pollution is a big problem these days.
  2. There is hardly a place, which is absolutely pollution free.
  3. Here I am going to talk about a city, ‘Ludhiana’ which is very polluted
  4. It has all sorts of pollution – air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution
  5. I went there last week
  6. In fact I go there quite often as my relatives live there
  7. Ludhiana is the industrial hub of Punjab
  8. Industries dump their effluents in the surrounding area and this causes water pollution
  9. The population of Ludhiana is far more for its size and this has given rise to slum areas in the outskirts
  10. The people in these slum areas are mainly labourers who have migrated from other states to work in the factories.
  11. They too litter the place.
  12. There are many vehicles also which cause air pollution.
  13. Ludhiana is the richest city of Punjab.
  14. Most families have more than one car.
  15. Earlier, when I used to go to visit my relatives, I had no problem in finding a parking space for my car.
  16. But, now finding a parking place near their home is a big problem.
  17. Because of air pollution, people also suffer many respiratory problems.
  18. My uncle is also suffering from chronic cough, which is because of the air pollution.
  19. A lot of noise also comes from the industries.
  20. Whenever I come back from Ludhiana, I heave a sigh of relief.
  21. Phagwara is relatively pollution free
  22. There is so much air pollution in Ludhiana that my eyes start watering whenever I go there.

Part 3 – Follow up Questions

  1. What kinds of pollution are there in your country?

All kinds of pollution are there in my country, like air pollution, water, noise and soil pollution. The major causes of air pollution are exhaust from the vehicles and the factories. Factories are also a major cause of water pollution as they release the effluents into water bodies. The vehicles on the roads and also various other reasons cause noise pollution, like from loud speakers used at celebrations.

  • What can individuals do to protect our environment?

Individuals can contribute a lot towards environment protection/ There are a lot of measures, which can be taken at an individual level. People can keep their surroundings clean by not littering and greener by planting more plants and trees. The use of non-renewable sources can be reduced. Practices like reusing and recycling can help immensely towards protecting our environment. For short distances, people should use an eco-friendly mode of transport, like a bicycle or they can walk, rather than using a vehicle. The use of plastic can be reduced greatly at an individual level and we should not buy things which have too much of packaging.

  • Do you think individuals should be responsible for pollution?

Yes, individuals have a responsibility towards the pollution caused. The major pollution caused is due to individuals, through vehicles. So, it is an individual responsibility to cause less pollution, by reducing the use of private vehicles and using the eco-friendly modes of transport or public transport more. Also, to mitigate the effects of pollution individuals should plant more trees and shouldn’t litter their surroundings.

  • Why is there a need to involve government in environmental protection?

The government plays an essential role in environmental protection. To ensure that the individuals and factories/industries do not harm the environment, there have to be rules and laws implemented by the government. For example, recently in Delhi, the state government implemented the odd/even car rule, which every citizen followed and it has helped reduce the pollution in Delhi.

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