Describe a time when you received good news.

  • What was it about
    • Who told you the news
    • When you knew it
    • How you felt about it
    • Why do you think it was good
  1. The Internet has shrunk the whole world.
  2. People are connected with hundreds of friends and relatives through social networking apps and sites like facebook and Whatsapp.
  3. Now face to face meetings have become very few and people share their joys and sorrows through status updates on these sites.
  4. Here, I would like to talk about a good news that I received from my cousin.
  5. It so happened that my cousin Prabhjeet, my maternal aunt’s son, who is in Chandigarh put up his status that he was flying to Canada for his higher education after Senior secondary.
  6. I had met him about 6 months ago at a family function
  7. But he hadn’t shared anything about his plan to go abroad.
  8. Last month, I read his status that he had got his Visa and was going to Centennial College Canada to do a course in Business Management.
  9. My joy knew no bounds.
  10. I called him immediately and congratulated him.
  11. I told him that I was very happy about his plan, but at the same time I was a bit angry that he hadn’t told me anything about it before.
  12. He told me that it had all been a sudden plan, and that he had no intention of hiding anything.
  13. Immediately after his plus 2 result, he joined college for doing graduation in Commerce.
  14. But there one of his classmates had enrolled himself in an IELTS coaching centre.
  15. So he motivated him also to join him.
  16. Till he took the IELTS he had no intention of going abroad.
  17. But then he and his friend both got 7 band each and then they both consulted an agent, who told them all the details for a study visa.
  18. Prabhjeet had a tough time convincing his parents to send him abroad, but then they agreed and he applied
  19. He was very busy in the application process, but luckily he got the visa on the fifth day after submitting his file.
  20. He has also motivated me to take the IELTS and join him in Canada.
  21. That is why I am taking the IELTS.
  22. So, this is the good news I received through the internet.
Part 3 – Follow up Questions
  1. Is it important to read the news?

Yes, it is. News keep us connected with the outside world. We come to know what is happening around us. They tell us what our government is doing for us and also update us with the weather conditions. We also come to know about the lives of the people we follow, such as celebs in the field of entertainment and sports.

We also come to know what is happening in our whole country and even the world.

  • What kind of news do people in your country like to read?

People like to read all sorts of news. They read sports news, political news, weather updates, employment news, and so on.

  • Are young people and old people interested in same kind of news?

Their tastes are different, but then there are individual variations among the people of the same age group too. Generally, youngsters are more into sports news and Bollywood news, whereas the elderly are more into political news.

  • Is it important to keep reading up to date news?

Yes, it is important to be abreast of the latest happenings around us. We can be prepared to face any problems if we are aware of the situation outside.

  • How do people in your country get news?

People get news through various sources, such as TV, the Internet, newspapers and radio.

  • Do you think children should start watching news from a young age?

Yes, the habit of watching news should be inculcated from a very early age. They would be aware of the outside world through the news. Otherwise they will have a very narrow outlook of life.

  • Why do some people like to share news in social media?

Social media such as facebook and Whatsapp and Twitter has become very powerful. Sharing news helps keep more people abreast of the happenings around them, even those who don’t normally watch the news.

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