Describe a water sport you would like to try in the future.

  • What is it
    • Where you will do it
    • Whether it is easy or difficult
    • Why would you like to try it .
  1. The water sport I would like to try in future is River Rafting.
  2. Although I do not know how to swim but river rafting is done by wearing safety jackets, so one does not drown in the water.
  3. It is an adventurous water sport.
  4. There are many other water sports like deep sea diving, jet ski, para sailing etc but I want to try this first.
  5. I learnt about river rafting from one of my best friends.
  6. He did River Rafting last year during the summers and he told me it is really exciting.
  7. In my country people go to Rishikesh for white water rafting.
  8. It’s a beautiful town located in the state of Uttrakhand.
  9. People do rafting on Ganges River, which flows between the Himalayan mountains.
  10. One can do rafting for 12 kilometers or 16 kilometers. (makkar IELTS)
  11. Rafting is not a difficult sport, it can be done by people of all age groups.
  12. But, you need to have an expert guide with you because at some places it gets dangerous.
  13. That is why they provide safety equipment like helmets and life jackets to everyone.
  14. Rafting is done early in the morning.
  15. Each raft can carry approximately 6-8 people and a guide sits at the end.
  16. The raft is inflated using air pump and people paddle to drive it forward.
  17. During the course, there are several rapids in the river which bring a lot of thrill.
  18. When the raft goes through the rapids it gets very fast and can sometimes go up in the air as well.
  19. I want to try this sport because I have never tried adventure sports in my life and this water sport sounds really exciting to me.
  20. I will probably do rafting during the next summers.
Part 3 – Follow up Questions
  1. Which is the most popular water sport in your country?

According to me, the most popular water sport in my country is White Water Rafting. One doesn’t need to know swimming to do this sport. One has to wear a life jacket and be seated in the raft. The adventure level in moderate and it also includes calm sailing sections too.

  • Why do people like to do things near water?

Water is a necessity and serves the purpose of adventure and recreation too. People like to camp and have a bonfire near water. They enjoy fishing and having parties near the coast. The scenic views around water during sunrise and sunset are pleasant and soothing.

  • Do you think schools should teach students to swim and why?

Absolutely! Schools should teach students how to swim. It is not just a complete workout, it is a life skill that can help students in moments of need and emergencies.

  • Are there many schools teaching swimming?

Not many, but some of the good schools do teach swimming now. To teach swimming, schools have to invest a lot of funds and space to build a pool and hire a good instructor. It isn’t possible for many of the schools.

  • Why should water transport be developed?

Water transport plays an important role in worldwide trade. There are many goods which are imported and exported through water transport. Also, cruise ships have become an important part of tourism and their popularity has risen in the recent years. It gives people an opportunity to not only travel to new places but also to explore the marine life.

  • Do you think it is necessary for everyone to learn how to swim?

Yes, I think swimming is an important skill that everyone should learn. It helps us stay physically and mentally fit. And for some people, especially those who live near a water body, it is an important life skill.

  • What is the difference between outdoor sports and indoor sports

The main difference between outdoor and indoor spots is the physical activity. There is more physical activity in the sports played outdoors compared to most sports that are played indoors. Another difference is that most indoor games are played alone while most outdoor ones are played in teams or groups. So there is more social exposure and more skills are learnt when playing outdoor sports.

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