Describe an Ambition That You Have For Long time.

Describe an Ambition That You Have For Longtime

Describe an ambition that you have for long time IELTS CUE CARD

You should say- Describe an Ambition That You Have For Long time.

  • What it is
  • What you did for it
  • When can you achieve it

And explain why you have this ambition

  • I have had ambitions in my life.
    • Some I have achieved and some I have failed to achieve.
    • I have always felt the reason for my failure to achieve a goal has always been associated with my lack of motivation.
    • So, today, I want to talk about ambition that I am really motivated to achieve.
    • The ambition is to settle in Canada.
    • I think it all started about five years ago, when one of my close friends, Ravi moved there.
    • Before that, I was completely unaware about the life in Canada.
    • His words have built a fairytale image of Canada in my mind
    • He told me about the difference in the quality of life between India and Canada.
    • The healthcare and the education system in Canada are miles ahead.
    • There is no corruption, there is very negligible crime and more than anything else there is value for labour.
    • Then, Canada’s weather is also to my liking, as I hate the heat.
    • I sweat profusely during the summers in India and it makes not only makes me uncomfortable but also others around me.
    • Canada’s summers are also quite cool.
    • I also have a habit of googling pictures from Canada and the beautiful landscapes have only strengthened my resolve to settle in Canada even more.
    • That is reason I am taking the IELTS exam today.
    • You can see that my English is not great, but I have worked really hard to improve my English for the past few months.
    • It was not easy.
    • I have developed the habit of watching English movies and reading English newspapers for developing my English.
    • I also try and talk with all my friends in English and even ask them to do the same.
    • I know only practice makes perfect.
    • I have also done research on the course and the university I want to apply to.
    • Even if I fail today, I will try again- because I am really motivated to fulfil this ambition.

Part 3 – Follow up Questions- Describe an Ambition That You Have For Long time.

  1. What kinds of ambition do people have?

I think ambitions vary with age. In school student’s ambitions is to get into a good college or a university. Some youngsters with a creative mindset also dream about becoming a successful celebrity or a successful singer. As people finish their education, the ambition is to get a high-paid job in reputed firm and then after children, children’s ambitions become the parent’s ambitions too.

  • Why should parents encourage children to have ambitions?

I think ambitions give direction to children. It makes sure they are dedicated and less likely to fall off the track. Moreover, if children are ambitious they are less likely to fall down on failing. They are always willing to try again.

  • Should parents interfere with children’s ambitions?

I think if parents interfere with children’s ambitions, it would create a feeling of resentment among the children for the parents. It would have disastrous long-term consequences for their relationship. I think parents should be supportive of their children’s dreams, but they can encourage them to keep backups and not put all their eggs into one basket.

  • Is there any difference of ambition of grown-ups and that of children?

I think grown-up’s ambitions are much more realistic than children because they know that life is full of problems and hurdles. Children, on the other hand, sometimes have very unrealistic ambitions. Children also don’t get much disheartened on failing to achieve their goals, while adults sometimes even go into a depression on failing.

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