Describe an old person you know and respect IELTS CUE CARD

  • Who he or she is (makkarIELTS)
  • How you know this person
  • What he or she is like
  • And explain why you respect him or her

Sample answer

  1. I know many old people and I respect all of them.
  2. Actually, it is in our culture to respect the elderly.
  3. Here I would like to talk about my grandfather.
  4. His name is Manmohan Singh
  5. He is in his early 70s
  6. He is not tall but looks very handsome
  7. He generally wears white kurta pyjama
  8. He wears a white turban
  9. He has done his Masters in history
  10. He retired as a school teacher
  11. He is a very kind hearted person
  12. Everyone in our family and in a neighbourhood respects him
  13. Whenever anyone in the neighbourhood comes to him for advice he listens to them very patiently and tries to help them in whatever way he can
  14. He even donates part of his pension for charity.
  15. I respect him because of many reasons
  16. First he is my grandfather and he loves me a lot
  17. Whenever I need anything and my parents are reluctant to listen, my grandfather always takes my side.
  18. Second he deserves all the respect that he gets
  19. He speaks very politely to everyone.
  20. He always says that to get respect, you must first learn to give respect
  21. He is a very disciplined person
  22. He never misses his morning and evening walk
  23. Even at this age he is very lithe and agile
  24. He does yoga and meditation for half an hour every day
  25. He is the head of the senior citizens club
  26. He is a role model for many people who know him
  27. He has a great sense of humour
  28. He can turn any tense situation into a happy one by cracking light jokes
  29. So my grandfather is the person I love and respect a lot
Part 3 – Follow up Questions
  1. What qualities does a person need to have to take care of old people?

A person needs to be patient when taking care of the old people, because the elderly are like children in many ways. It is very important to realise that the elderly may sometimes be hard of hearing and so the person should not get impatient or lose temper while taking care of the elderly. A person also needs to be a good listener while taking care of the elderly people because their main problem is social isolation and they need someone to talk to. One should be very polite and respectful towards the elderly.

  • Do you think old people should be taken care of at home?

Ideally yes, but if there is a problem at home and both the younger people are working then professional caretakers should be hired to look after the elderly at home or the elderly should be left in a good nursing home where they can be taken care of well.

  • How can people in the neighbourhood help the elderly during an epidemic?

People in the neighbourhood can help the elderly in many ways during an epidemic. For example, if an elderly couple is living alone then the people in the neighbourhood can help by buying vegetables and groceries for them so that they don’t have to go out during an epidemic. They can cook for them and take care of them and help them get timely medical aid whenever needed.

  • Do you see this kind of help occurring in your neighbourhood?

Yes, there is an elderly couple in our street and their children are living abroad. Now during the Corona lockdown, my parents bought vegetables and groceries for them so that they didn’t have to go out. My father also used to call them daily to ask if they needed anything. My mother also sometimes cooked for them so that they didn’t have to do all the work as even maids were not allowed in those days.

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