Describe your first day at school Cue Card

Describe your first day at school IELTS cue Card

  • Where it was?
  • What happened?
  • Explain how you felt on that day

Note: You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.-(Describe your first day at school Cue Card)

Describe your first day at school Cue Card
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Model Answers 1- Describe your first day at school Cue Card


I have been to two schools in my life early days of my schooling was in Jyotsna vidya mandir, it is in the home town I was too young at the time to remember any good or bad memory from the school, later on, my father decided to send me to a boarding school, I have remembrances of many good and bad memories from the school which I will be sharing with you today.

Where it Was? ( Describe your first day at school Cue Card )

The Boarding school in which my father decided to send me in was located in Palia Kalan kheri-it is named as Edmonton public school this is a small town, I assume that the population of the town would be around 50 thousand and it falls under the jurisdiction of Lakhimpur Kheri, the school is affiliated to ICSE board.

What happened?– ( Describe your first day at school Cue Card )

I was very excited initially as I have never been to any place which was beyond 3 kilometers, I assume it year 2004 the roads in India were not as they are today, but everything was different, The road which took us to palia was full of potholes and very congested, but finally, after a long voyage I reached mine to school.

My father left and bought me everything necessary. I was very lucky that I already had my brother in the school he was two years elder, now I can not clearly say which was my first day at school, the day I visited my school with my father or the second day when I joined my first class, well as per my remembrances both days were equally exciting.

The first day of Admission – was more like a test, I was from a Hindi medium ( a language widely spoken in India ) I had to get admitted in class 4th and I was an essay on cow, to write it was easy though but I made a lot of spelling mistakes, well I assume every does that.

Say something about building to add on:- ( this can be an add on to improve answer if you lack to describe the day of visit )

I was too young and had never seen such a building in my countryside (village) it was a two-story building with many rooms, more than 50 I assume. I was afraid as I thought that I could be lost but I was excited as well for the day.

My brother took me inside, in the building and he started with boarding dormitories, many were sleeping in their beds, some doing there some work, others were playing with a cricket ball, but I remember all had to stop as we were accompanied by the warden with us. I saw the kitchen where food was prepared saw a library equipped with a lot of books.

Explain how you felt about the day  

As I can remember both days were very exciting, initially my brother got me introduced to my classmates and his class all were happy see, I was what I could conclude from their facial expression every one was smiling, the classmates of my brother often use to call me as (Chota Upender) As I am much like a brother, my class all had to be happy I assume because It was a tradition to respect and fear their seniors in my schools. I spend most of the day with my brother who kept me by his side until the warden came and summoned me to my dormitory.

The next day was I had to wake up at six, get dressed for school, I visited my first class at 8 o clock, I set as I class teacher instructed beside Mohit john, -he was twice my weight, was scared as I was his body but once I communicated I was comfortable as he assured me he will help me in every aspect, me and Mohit john are still very good friends for life we share all secrets of life.


It was hard until the lunch break, unfortunately, it was just for 30 minutes but still my new friend Introduced me to anyone who was known to him and all the parts of the building

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Model Answer 2- Describe your first day at school Cue Card


  • I have been to two schools in my life the first was primary and the other was secondary
  • My first school was different from my secondary school.
  • I was too young to remember anything from my primary school but I have a lot of memories from secondary school
  • Today I would like to talk about my secondary school where I studied from 4th standard to 12 the standard
  • The name of my school was Edmonton public school which is located in pallia Kalan in district Lakhimpur
  • I clearly remember that I was very excited to visit my school as I was admiring my reunion with my elder brother
  • This school had a bigger building than the one I use to study in I countryside.
  • I vividly remember that I was excited to discover new friends and the new home where I was going to live as it was a boarding school,
  • The first day when I entered the class, I can remember the class monitor it was Parerna singh she was the monitor of class as well as she was the topper
  • The class teacher assigned his duty that she shall be responsible for completing my due word in class
  • I was made to sit with Mohit john, we are still very good friends, I am married and thirty now, he recently visited me at my wedding.
  •  As the lunch break took place, my dear friend introduced me to everyone.

Part 3 Follow Questions- Describe your first day at school Cue Card

1. Do you think students should be taken to school by their parents or go by themselves? 

I personly believe that it completely depends on the availability of parents, in the primary schools the children are too young to go by themselves, so the recommended approach would be to send them via bus if the parents are free so I think they must take the privilege to drop children’s by themselves.

2. Should children rely on their parents or be independent?

children should rely on their parents until they are minors once they have become adults, they should try to earn their living as this would give them a sense of responsibility, which will eventually make them stronger in hard ways of life.

3. How can children become more independent?

independence of children in terms of financial stability will only come once they get a job and start earning their living, whereas psychological independence, is one in which a child is free to make their decision this can only happen if parents allow their children to take small decisions by themself which will give them a sense of accomplishment, such actions which make children’s decisions stronger in long term.

4. What is the effect if parents interfere with children’s life too much?

This can have a very adverse impact on the phycological health of the child, “if you wish to make someone happy – give them freedom” this saying is very true in some aspects of life l when a child is too young he should not be given much freedom but he should be awarded substantially.

children may rebel to parents decisions if they much forced to follow the path forged by their parents.


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