Talk about a prize you want to win IELTS CUE CARD.

  • What prize it is?
    • How do you know about it?
    • What will you do to win it?
    • Why do you want to win?
  1. Everyone loves prizes, winning them makes one happy.
  2. Prizes also motivate us to work hard and prove the fact that hard work is key to success.
  3. I have not won many prizes in my life but one prize I would like to get would be the first prize in marathon race which is held every year in my city.
  4. The race is organized by Standard Chartered Bank.
  5. It is held to spread awareness about diseases like cancer and also to make people aware about the benefits of healthy living.
  6. All the money collected from this race goes to a charity.
  7. The winner of the race gets a cheque of Rs 1 Lakh along with a trophy, medal and a certificate.
  8. The winner also gets a chance to represent the city in other marathon races held across the world.
  9. Every year almost ten thousand people from our city participate in this race.
  10. The race is held in the first week of November, normally the first Sunday.
  11. Last year one of my best friends won the second prize in the race.
  12. He finished the distance of 42 kms in approx. 3 hours.
  13. After seeing him get the second prize, I felt motivated to participate in the race.
  14. I am not a professional runner but since then I have started running.
  15. Nowadays I can run 30 kilometers in approx. 2.5 hours and I am working on improving my time.
  16. Hopefully I will be ready by November.
  17. Preparing for this race has made me healthy and I have also learnt a lot from running.
  18. If I do not win this year, I will keep trying until I win the prize.
Part 3 – Follow up Questions
  1. What rewards can children get from school?

Children can get rewards in the form of certificates, medals, words of appreciation in the classroom or assembly or in the form of notes written to parents. Some other prizes that are given in schools are books, stationary, and gift vouchers.

  • Should parents push their children to get prizes?

I would say that the parents should encourage their children to participate in competitions and give it their best efforts. They should make their children understand that if their efforts are sincere, the rewards will follow. Inculcating a sense of competition is important, but making children over-competitive can have some repercussions.

  • Is it good for children to compete for prizes at school?

It is good for children to compete for prizes as it gives them an opportunity to test their abilities and skills. It also teaches them the importance of putting in their best efforts. Prizes can act as a motivation for many students to participate in competitions and that in turn helps them recognize their talent.

  • What kinds of rewards can companies offer to their outstanding employees?

Companies can offer rewards to employees in form of certificates, vouchers, bonuses, and other gift prizes. Some companies also offer gifts like holiday packages, etc.

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