Some people believe that young people know about international pop and movie slots but know very little about famous people from the history in their own country

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Some people believe that young people know about international pop and movie slots but know very little about famous people from the history in their own country. Why is this? How can more interest be created in young people to gain more knowledge about their famous people from history?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.

Model Answer 1:-

Model Answer 1:-

It is irrefutable that today we are flooded with information about everything. The youth of today know about global celebs but are increasingly ill-informed about their historical personalities. This essay shall analyze why this is happening, and also suggest some measures, to generate their interest in historical events and people.

The first and major reason for this is that the education system in most of the countries is test-based. Students are only taught to get good grades and as a result, they only focus on passing their exams, rather than gaining knowledge about any topic. Their interest is never developed in history and heroes of our past. On top of that, the youth today is more fascinated by celebrities because of the exposure and importance the media gives to them. Furthermore, most of the families have now started living in nuclear setups, where both the parents are working, and because of this, the children’s education about their roots and history has taken a back seat.

There are many methods that can be used by parents, schools and the media to develop the interest of youngsters in knowing about the famous people from history. The schools can incorporate technology in teaching methods, like the use of audio-visual aids. Educational trips to museums and famous historical places also help develop the children’s interest. The government should set up museums and encourage children to visit them by highly subsidizing tickets for the students. For example, the Shaheed Bhagat Singh Museum has become a great source of information about the freedom struggle and the sacrifices made by freedom fighters. Also, the Virasat-e-Khalsa museum has become very popular among the youth as they can learn a lot about Sikh history and culture.

Moreover, TV shows and movies can be made around famous historical personalities and their contributions. For instance, the recent Bollywood movie Bajirao Mastani has been a super hit at the box office and has made a lot of people more aware of historical events and characters. TV channels like the History channel have shows which run throughout the day, giving information about famous people and events from history. To conclude, there are several innovative and creative methods that can be used to make the youth more interested and aware of notable people from history. This effort has to be made by parents, at schools and media also has a big role to play ln spreading this awareness.

Model answer 2:-

Nowadays, a young generation of people has much wider knowledge about global pop or movie celebrities than about well-known persons from the history of their own nation. There are several facts why this
is an ongoing issue, and there are some solutions that could boost the popularity of national famous people.

The most important fact that contributes to such attitude is common access to the internet where global news shares a lot of information about international superstars. This is mostly caused by the fact that people who gained a lot of popularity also could generate more profits for TV stations or newspapers. For example, the article about Jennifer Lopez, the famous pop singer, can be viewed and read by thousands of people
worldwide because everyone knows her, while a singer who is popular only in his own country will not be recognized by people from other nations.

There are some solutions to such issues, but everything must be planned upfront. The first idea comes with changes in history classes at the schools. During the time in class, the period should be split into topics related to world history, and separately to the history of the country.
This will bring more attention to famous people of the particular country
. The other solution would be related to the production of movies, songs, or video games that involve important people from the past. These media are often watched, listened or played by the young generation, and will redirect their focus on important people from their own country.

To conclude, changing someone’s interests is not an easy task, but with good planning and, organization it may be worth it. Young peopleshould be able to recognize the achievements of their own historic people rather than admire international pop or movie stars.

Model Answer 3:-

The young generation is believed to know better about prominent pop stars or well-known actors than about their own country’s historical figures.
This essay will suggest that the lack of History education is the root cause of this phenomenon and submit that a public awareness campaign is the most viable solution, followed by a reasoned conclusion.

The principal cause of poor understanding of historical figures
is because History is being neglected in the school curriculum. As technology progresses, science-related subjects like Math and Physics are being prioritized over History, which results in poor knowledge of
past cultures and events. For example, in Viet Nam, the studying schedule is typically packed with Math and Physics classes, leaving almost no space for students to learn about history. Therefore, History
is only taught once or twice a week, which is inadequate for the young to enhance their knowledge about famous people from the past.

The most practical solution to this problem is a government-sponsored awareness campaign. An effective advertising campaign could urge the young to learn about history during their spare time as a hobby, and hopefully, raise awareness amongst the young generation. For example, the United Kingdom recently lobbied its young citizens to learn about historical figures and appreciate their sacrifice as well as their dedication. This has resulted in a dramatic improvement in young people’s knowledge about history.

In summary, the young’s poor understanding of historical figures
has been caused by the lack of History classes in the educational system. However, this can be tackled through a public education program that promotes the importance of history.

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