Many people believe that today there is a general increase in anti-sociol, behavior, and lack of respect for others.

Many people believe that today there is a general increase in anti-sociol, behavior, and lack of respect for others. Who might cause this situation? How lo improve it?

Model Answer 1:-

It is unfortunate that during vast progress in every field of life there is also a growth in anti-social behavior and people have become less respectful of each other. This essay intends to analyze some causes of this phenomenon and suggests some ways to ameliorate the situation.

Today, we live in an era of technology in which the whole Earth has shrunk and become a global village. Everybody is connected to everybody through telephone lines and the internet, but the warmth of relationships has taken a back seat. Most people have more than enough wealth, comfort, and freedom, but their hearts desire even more. To satisfy their heart’s greed people have become workaholics, and as a result, have no time for family and friends. People have become selfish, isolated, and indifferent. Each person is busy in his quest for more. To add to it, the youngsters who are at ease with the new technology think that the elderly are good for nothing and that is why they don’t respect them.

The changing family structure is another big cause of this phenomenon. Earlier, people lived in joint families and the grandparents were there to supervise the children. Now there are nuclear families in which both parents go out to work, and children are left unattended in the hands of pervasive media like the TV and the internet. No one monitors what they watch and they see the programs full of violence and crime, which makes them anti-social. The pressure of consumerist society and peers also breeds anti-social behavior. To add to it, the values of traditional culture are being lost and people are following the global culture, which is also considered anti-social by the orthodox elderly.

There are many solutions to this problem. To begin with, people have to learn to strike a balance between work and family life. Government should also fix the maximum hours a worker can work per week so that exploitation is not there in the job market. People should revert to the old joint family system. This would be for the benefit of all. The children would learn moral values and the elderly would be well looked after. The negative effects of excessive consumerism should be taught to the people. Media can play a big role in highlighting the good points of the traditional and western culture so that the people can adopt good social values. Neighborhood associations should be set up to connect people.

Summing up, anti-social behavior and mutual lack of respect in today’s times can be dealt with by taking simple measures, and individuals and governments should collectively take these steps.

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Most people argue that unsocial behavior is increasing day by day and people are becoming disrespectful towards others. The primary cause of this phenomenon is the structure of the family and advancement in technology. The most viable solution is to educate their young about this issue.

Many people are living in loneliness and now families are not nuclear. This is due to immense work pressure and parents not having enough time to check their children’s activities or talk to them. So, youngsters and teenagers spend most of their time on social media. Therefore, they don’t have any real communication as they are only engaged in messaging. Furthermore, In their loneliness, they start consuming drugs and alcohol, which contribute to anti-social behavior. Even, if someone tries to advise them then they show very less respect towards them. For example , A local survey carried out by a welfare society reveals that 96% of working parents feel that their kids are having anti-social behavior habits.

A long-term solution to this predicament is to educate youngsters about the dangers of overusing the internet, less interacting with others, and consuming more drugs. Moreover, children in schools could be taught how to behave politely with others as well as parents should spare some time with their children and talk to them.
Additionally, they can share their experiences and tell them about right and wrong. For instance, school children in Germany taught about the consequences of bad behavior and overuse of the internet which results in kids sitting in groups and there is a notable increase in behavior politeness.

To conclude, people start behaving in such a way due to a lack of basic upbringing. So, the children must be taught that good behavior and respect for others is the only key to living a better life.

Model Answer 3:-

Nowadays, people argue that there is a general rise in crime rates and disrespectful behavior towards the other members of society. This essay will discuss the primary reasons for this problem including unemployment, growing poverty, and the influence of media. This essay will also suggest solutions to these problems including increasing employment opportunities, reducing poverty, and censorship of undesirable content from the media.

Firstly, despite the economic growth of the nation, there is widespread unemployment and growing poverty which led to increasing criminal activities and unruly behavior of the citizens. To be precise, when young people did not get their aspired and desired job and suffer from poverty they get frustrated and indulge in such crimes, and they throw out their frustration by misbehaving with their fellow citizens. For instance, research suggested that the incidence of criminal activities is more among educated, unemployed youths. The ultimate solution is that the government should make all possible ways to increase employment, to reduce poverty by providing adequate support to poorer sections of the society to pull them to the upper level. These steps surely help to build a better community.

Secondly, the influence of the media made the situation worse. To make it clear, nowadays most of the movies have extreme violence and sexual content which wrongfully influences the youths who often try to imitate the same. In addition, easy access to these contents in smartphones through the internet is also the cause. For example, recently in Bangalore, one teenager mimics the villain role of one movie and ends up in prison. This problem can be addressed effectively by strict censorship of the unwanted material in the media. Besides, the government should also ban several bad websites on the internet. These measures will help to alleviate the problem.
In conclusion, antisocial and disrespectful behavior is prevalent in many societies. This essay discussed how antisocial behavior is caused by unemployment, poverty, and led by the media. This essay also suggested that the solutions to these problems are by increasing employment, reducing poverty, and enforcing strict censorship.

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