Some people believe that reading stories from a book is better than watching TV

Some people believe that reading stories from o book is better than watching TV or playing computer games for children. To what extent do You agree or disagree?

Model Answer 1:-

Reading stories in books is a basic way for children to obtain knowledge and open their minds. Although watching TV and playing computer games are also popular educational methods among children, I believe that reading books is better and offers more advantages than watching TV and playing computer games.

Learning by reading is more effective compared to TV and games because it is an active activity. Like any other skill, reading takes practice. To fully understand the content, children have to give all their attention to the text. Also, more than just understanding a certain topic, children tend to develop imagination, as they imagine the characters from the description they read, which helps them to learn more efficiently and deeply in the future.

Furthermore, reading stories also helps children master language development, as by reading stories, children learn pronunciation and vocabulary. lt also increases a child’s attention span and develops the ability to concentrate. lt develops children’s ability to express themselves more confidently, easily, and clearly In spoken and written terms. lt develops and fosters a child’s natural curiosity.

On the other hand, the knowledge disseminated by vivid pictures on screen is easier for children to imbibe, but too many moving objects and colorful images can distract children, especially some young kids, from other important tasks. Playing computer games also can be very addicting, as a result of which children fail to do their homework. Additionally, spending too much time before a computer screen or watching TV can lead to health problems such as shortsightedness. Therefore, reading is better for both efficiency and health purpose.

ln conclusion, it can be reiterated that reading stories in a book is better than watching W and playing on computers, as it is a more effective way to learn and is better for health.

Model Answer 2:-

It is not uncommon that Children nowadays gain knowledge or entertain themselves by reading books and playing computer games or watching TV. Although reading books can be always seen as a better way for children to study, I would argue that watching tv or playing computer games also play an equally important role in their life.
There are many TV programs which are very popular among young children, like cartoons, dancing videos and so on. These programs (especially informative television) can attract children’s attention and encourage their interest, and it is easy for young kids to understand the theme of programs. For example, these kids who often watch some videos about table manners are more likely to develop good behavior patterns from a young age. By contrast, children who just care much about books may not understand and acquire easily this kind of knowledge.
In addition, playing computer games is sometimes regarded as a good way to cultivate children’s creativity. Children playing electronic games are more likely to understand rules and how to become final champions. Unlike books, Since games can give children a real experience by playing a role. In other words, these children should not only use their hands but also use their brains. As a result, those children can do an exercise in intelligence and creativity, which is beneficial to their development later.

Meanwhile, we must recognize that books show the same importance in children’s life. There are too young to not be able to distinguish the difference between right and wrong. Books aimed at children would be a good choice to improve the level of knowledge, probably because these books are composed of best contents (such as educational stories, fairy tales and so on) which are suitable for young kids with limited understanding abilities or problem-solving abilities. In contrast, without books, children who spend much time playing games or watching games may lose interest in studying.
In conclusion, I would argue that books and some entertainment activities for children would have the same significance in children’s life.

Model Answer 3:-

Reading stories from a book is a basic way for children to obtain knowledge and open their minds. Some people believe that children should not only focus on watching TV or playing computer
Learning from the book is effective and useful compared to watching TV or playing computer games because it is a form of mental exercise. Reading from books help children to make images and to develop a different kind of characters and views in their minds. Like any other skill, reading takes practice. Furthermore, reading books also help children to master language. They can learn vocabulary and pronunciation. Because of the above reason people believe reading is better than watching TV or playing computer games for children.

On the other hand, watching television spread faster knowledge so that becomes straightforward for children to understand, but too many moving objects and colorful images can distract children from doing other works like homework, preparing for the examination. Playing video games can be very addictive. It can also lead to health problems, such as shortsightedness. As per research, 85% of students are suffering from low vision and wear spectacles. Because of the above reasons people prefer to read books rather than playing computer games or watching TV.

In conclusion, the essay argued that why watching TV has its own benefits, but reading is entirely better. In my opinion, reading is the way to improve yourself, whereas watching tv and playing video games is like an addiction.

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