Some people believe They should keep all the money they have earned and should not pay tax to the state. Do you agree or disagree?

Model Answer 1:-

I disagree with the statement that individuals should not pay taxes to the state. The government runs the country from the taxes it collects. Taxes are collected only from those who earn above a certain minimum limit. lt is our moral duty to pay taxes.
Tax money collected by the government is used to fund basic amenities, provide various services to citizens and for government administration and projects, running of jails and defense systems, and many other operations. lt is not wrong to say that “taxes run a country.” Thus, a government needs to make people pay taxes.

Let us analyze why people do not want to pay taxes. The main reason is their dissatisfaction with the government in serving them. They blame the government for things like lack of infrastructure, poverty, and unemployment, but they are not completely wrong as tax revenue is misused in some or the other way in the country. ln developed countries, however, because of higher satisfaction from government’s functioning, citizens may be more willing to pay taxes. Another factor generating dissatisfaction is the tax structure itself. Often the tax system is complex and it drives people away from paying taxes. lt is also felt that the tax rates are high and tax slabs are unequal. So they feel it is not unethical if one goes for tax avoidance or tax evasion.

Not paying taxes can drastically affect a country’s revenue generation, my own country, India, for that matter. But then, it is equally desired that government come up with a fair tax structure and also make people aware of where the taxes are being diverted. Even lowering the tax rates can help a country increase its tax collection as it would increase compliance among the taxpayers. Tax reform should also be fast so that no public grievance or non-compliance remains for long. A proper tax system backed up with strict tax laws can produce the best results.

Summing up, I reiterate my opinion by saying that every citizen must pay taxes and the duty of every government to use it appropriately in the public interest.

Model Answer 2:-

It is generally claimed that paying tax is an imperative act of many countries. There are numerous opinions of people in regards to tax. Few people opine that the government should not charge money to the citizens of the same country. However, there is a contrasting view of some people to this belief. I profoundly disagree with the thinking of people who oppose paying price.

Firstly, providing tax on time is the law in many countries as it serves as one of the reasons for elevating the economical growth of the state. The authority utilizes this amount to develop cities and towns. For instance, elected legislatures will need money to maintain the proper construction of roads, to provide basic needs to the needy, and also
for the betterment of the education sector. Secondly, these wages are extensively used as an income for many elected officials. For example, it aids in giving salaries to many teachers and others who hold government jobs. Further, if taxes are not paid at the proper time, then
it may create a tremendous hindrance in the management of the state.

On the contrary, I also believe that tax imposing should be at a minimal level in every part of the world. It is often noticed that in many components of the globe, the citizens are charged an exorbitant amount for using roads. Hence, making the life of the poor more burdensome. Therefore, the state should not claim the amount for using basic things. Likewise, it should not be asked by poor people who hardly earn to manage their lives peacefully.

To conclude, paying of tax must be used in the development of cities and towns. Additionally, diminishing of poverty must also be included under the list of using tax money. Hence, I strongly think that tax should be an incumbent rule that every citizen should follow except for the poor, as it has more pros compared to its cons.

Model Answer 3:

A group of people thinks that residents should keep all their earnings and should not have an obligation in paying taxes to the government. I disagree with the statement as taxes are useful for the residents and the nation themselves, and the following essay will discuss it in detail.

To begin with, it is a fact that taxes are used by the government for developing its nations. Taxes are allocated for various kinds of essential matters. Firstly, they are used for expanding and maintaining public transportation facilities, such as expanding roads and highways and replacing old public transportation units. Secondly, taxes are utilized for providing decent medical services and basic educations for their residents. And last but not least, taxes are also used for funding military services, which is important for maintaining the political stability of a nation.

And then, people should also notice that taxes that they have paid, will also be beneficial for themselves sooner or later. Some of the funds that have been collected by tax authorities are used for retirement funds. It means that in the end people will enjoy and benefit from some personal facilities from the government, which are funded from taxes. Therefore people should not keep their earnings to themselves and they should comply in paying their tax duties and obligations. 

In conclusion, I do not agree if we should keep all our income and not pay any taxes to the government, as taxes are beneficial for the development of the people and the nation themselves.

Model Answer 4:-

Whether people should pay taxes to the government or not is an argument of great debate. Some people think that it is the government’s responsibility to raise money from other sectors and should not take the portion of a person’s hard-earned cash while others stand just opposite of this opinion. I believe if the government spend the money for the benefit of the citizen, as it is meant to be for every country, and value the mass people’s opinions and suggestions on how to best use the money, then there is nothing wrong with the taxpaying method and rather had many positive reasons to do so.

Those who are against the tax-paying system often opine that the government should never take their hard earning money for the sake of the country’s development scheme. This is especially true for those who earn an amount that barely supports his/her family and who are not satisfied with the public service provided by the government. In many countries, people have to pay a tax of more than a quarter of the total earning of a year and yet do not get basic facilities like treatment, education and they have to spend their own pocket money for those purposes. This is very natural that they become angry about the taxpaying.

But the tax, collected from the people of a country can be a great fund to use for their betterment by the government. There are lots of poor people who can be benefited from the tax paid by the others. The government can build more roads, offer public services, and can introduce other useful schemes using the money. Almost in most countries, people who earn more than a predefined amount have to pay tax and not for those who earn less than that amount. So Government is not forcing poor people to pay tax but those who can pay tax.

Student Framed Answer:-

Income tax is meant to assist the government to develop the infrastructure of the country, invest in new projects, decrease the gap between the poor and rich, and on top of that, help the taxpayers at their old age. Although some might not condone the taxpaying process, others feel that it is a powerful tool for development. This essay outlines the mixed emotions of the public when paying taxes. A government’s main cash flow for developing the infrastructure of the country is either through loans or the taxpayers’ money. Loans can be repaid by having road toll taxes or development levies from the public for the use of the facility. However, the loans do not come free and often include a hefty interests rate and other obligations. Thus according to many reliance on such loans is often a burden for a state and they advocate for the government’s earning from income tax. Moreover, the state provides numerous facilities to its citizens like free education, healthcare, social security, trade facility, subsidiary in other important sectors and thus the budget requirements increase every year. If the money is not collected from capable citizens, the government can not offer those amenities and opportunities. Poor citizens are usually excluded from such tax and thus many feel that this is a great tool to ensure the rights of the poor in a country. Conversely, some hesitate to pay taxes as they believe that they have earned the money and have the right to keep it all. Those people fail to realize that they have used many benefits offered by the state to earn the money and have a natural obligation to pay back a portion of it that would be used to help all. In some poor and developing countries, corruption levels are to the extremes and thus attracting tax evasions. Not paying the income tax is often a result of a lack of knowledge but in most cases, it is intentional. To recapitulate, I believe it is very important for us to pay taxes for a healthy economy and a progressive nation. We should pay taxes so that the poor can get help in their lives and our future generations don’t migrate to other countries for work. A change in a country is evident if the citizens bring a change in themselves and pay taxes on time.

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